Week 2

The modelling school, where we teach aspiring models to become models

This course is designed for you to get the maximum out of you and making your dream become reality.

We work across the North, The Midlands and the South of England. 4 week courses running around the country are priced @ £299

Courses typically run of an evening starting 6pm / 4 hours.The courses are from 3 different age groups male and female

Mini – 8 to 12 years
Teen – 13 to 16 years
Adults – 17 plus

The fashion shows will run on a Sunday afternoon set in a fantastic venue.

Courses passed will be accompanied with certificate of excellence.

Week 2

This week you will receive home work for the following week.

Build a new social media site for modelling, and record a 3 minute casting clip on your phone (any information)

This week you will be taught by industry based make up artists and hairdressers on how to attend a casting or a job or a modelling interview

You will also be taught how to apply industry based make up department of what industry you wanted to go in. Our hairdressers and make up artists work on set with current models so they can advise you on what look models / you tubers / commercial actors should go for.

Now you may think hair isn’t a big deal in modelling, it is. The fashion industry is always adapting and evolving, but how will your hair cut / colour affect your modelling career? From top salons we have recruited the top hairdressers to advise you and give you top tips to bring out the best from you. Make up – what modelling are you thinking of going into? Make up modelling? Fashion? Fitness? Our make up artists will show you how to put make up on and advise you what would suit your style.

We also have an open discussion with the make up artists and hairdressers where you can ask as many questions as possible